Social Revolution

A fast, lightweight and easy social sharing plugin for WordPress made to increase your social shares. It’s free and packed with incredible features.

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Get more social media shares which can lead to more website traffic with the best free sharing plugin for WordPress! Social Revolution is lightweight, fast and comes with all you need to start growing your social shares.


Are you looking for fast and attractive share buttons? Social Revolution is made by a team of professional WordPress developers. Social Revolution is fast, light and looks great on any resolution.

Social Revolution will not slow down your site like other sharing plugins do. The Social Revolution share buttons are also privacy safe. They did not collect any user information to run.

You can choose from the top social networks sharing buttons, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • WhatsApp
  • Yummly

You can choose a basic set of style options. You can adjust the button shape and choose from:

  • Square
  • Slightly Rounded
  • Rounded
  • Leafs
  • Connected

Need to change button size. We cover that too in the free version. You can set four different small or big sizes.

You can also set and use different button display:

  • Regular button
  • Iconic button with text appearing on hove
  • Icon only button

You can also choose where you want the buttons to show up. Choose from the following placement options:

  • Above the post content
  • Below the post content
  • Both above and below the post content
  • Floating sidebar
  • None (or) Manual placement with shortcode/function

Easy display how many times your content has been shared. Social shares display is a powerful psychological tool that has been proven to influence even more shares. We use the social network API endpoints to ensure that the most accurate share counts are always displayed.


Wouldn’t you love to show what your most popular posts are based on the number of social shares’s they’ve received? Social Revolution allows you to do just that. Popular Posts widget allows you to display and customize the look with:

  • Post thumbnail images
  • Image and text size
  • Custom date range

A simple and effective way to create tweetable quotes right inside your posts or pages. This has proven to increase the average number of tweets per article dramatically.

Get more social media shares which can lead to more website traffic with the best free sharing plugin for #WordPress! Social Revolution is lightweight, fast and comes with all you need.
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If you want to place buttons in the middle of an article, you can with our [ socialrevolution ] shortcode. What if you wanted to add share buttons to a page but actually have them share out a different page altogether? Social Revolution allows you to do this! If you’re experienced with PHP, you can also hook Social Revolution into your theme templates for hyper customization.


Are you running an affiliate program on your site? Social Revolution comes with Affiliate WP support out of the box. Yes you receive a full feature support for free with the core plugin version – an unique option you will not find in other free plugins.

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Download Social Revolution for FREE and use it on unlimited number of sites. Social Revolution comes with automatic plugin updates too.

Do you need more cool social sharing features? Update to Social Revolution Pro

Social Revolution Free vs Pro

Features Free Pro
Social Networks 8 21
Above and below content display of share buttons
Floating sidebar share buttons
Floating sidebar mobile transform
Floating bottom bar
Floating top bar
Floating bottom bar
Home page and Archive pages display
Button shape control
Button size control
Button design control
Different color set for normal and hover buttons
Custom color set
Display share buttons in columns or in automatic width
Advanced floating sidebar display
Configure visual settings by display positions
Display individual and/or total share counter
Set minimal share value to display (avoid negative social proof)
Personalize shave value style (short or full)
Social share optimization tags for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and etc.
Twitter cards generation
AffiliateWP integration
Twitter share counter display
Social shares recovery (for example migration to https)
Short URL generation (,, Rebrandly,
Translate and set your own texts for share buttons and shares text
Custom CSS styles
Import/Export options
Automatic plugin updates
On post/page share optimizations (custom share image, title and description, customized Tweet, custom Pin image)
Click-to-tweet (Sharable Quotes)
Shortcode support
Popular posts widget